“Looking into my wife’s antecedents was difficult as they are a German family and due to WW2, I found research way beyond my limited capabilities.  I needed a German/English speaking genius with the patience and knowledge to help me.  Good fortune led me to Herr Covert who is everything that I hoped for. He is a pleasure to work with: patient, diplomatic and understanding.  If you want superb help that won’t destroy the exchequer, you will not do better than Glen Covert.  Honestly! and he found what I wanted.” (Duncan Colebrooke)

“Seeing that Glen had expertise in Austrian genealogy, I gave him the task of locating the records of three relatives who had come from Austria to the U.S. 160 years ago.  This would be difficult because there were variations in the spellings of their Germanic names.  One individual had four different spellings of his given name and five of his surname.  Yet Glen navigated his way through all these and identified the relevant ones providing birth, marriage, death, emigration and immigration records.  Glen’s knowledge of both U.S. and Austrian records was a great help in extending a branch of my family tree back three generations.  Very impressed with his determination.” (R. Jones, Florida)

“Working with Glen has been great a experience.  He is extremely knowledgeable and gets the job done in a timely manner.  Throughout the search for my family history, Glen has been supportive and honest.  He continuously kept in contact with me during his research, allowing me to feel secure in this endeavor.  Glen has proven to conduct his research at the highest standards, showing all evidence for any and all conclusions.  I strongly recommend Glen to be a part of anyone’s search for their family history.” (Tina)

“After spending countless hours over the course of 10 months trying to locate documents regarding my family in Vienna, I reached countless dead-ends.  No matter how many online searches I performed or emails I sent to archives, I was not able to attain the information that I was in search of regarding my family.  — Initially, I did not entertain the idea of hiring a genealogist and was under the impression that in the modern day of digital archives and detailed searches, I would be able to find anything I desired.  That is where I was wrong. Almost all the circuital records I required had not be digitized and when I did receive a reply from the archives, I was told that searches could only be performed in person.  These documents that I was so close to attaining still remained tucked away in hundred year-old books, on shelves, in archives, thousands of miles away. — After my initial frustration subsided, I happened across Glen Covert Genealogical Services and his specialization in Vienna and Austrian genealogy.  I read through his website, pursed through his reviews and finally got over my hesitations of working with a genealogist and reached out to Glen with details of my search and my desired outcome.  His response was timely and friendly, he asked thoughtful questions to fill in the gaps that I had overlooked and not sent.  His follow-up email provided me with a detailed plan of his course of action along with an understandable explanation of his fees. — From the start, I was thoroughly impressed with Glen’s professionalism and his approach to completing the requested work.  I found myself even more impressed with the speed and care that he executed each task and his communication with me during the process.  He worked on my behalf, going to all the necessary locations in person to acquire the documents and prepared digital copies for me to proof before shipping to the USA.  At the end of just a few short weeks, he had provided me with certified copies of the documents that I had fruitlessly searched after for almost a year. — Glen’s robust genealogical skill-set, familiarity with the Austrian and Viennese record keeping and documentation, firm grasp on translating documents in both English and German made my search successful, invaluable and exceed my loftiest exceptions.  I could not have completed this search without Glen and only wish that I had reached out to him earlier for his assistance.” (Brian M., New York, NY)

“I have always been interested in my family history since I was a small child. My parents didn’t tell me anything about their past, and when I asked they said they did not know. I had a few clues about our Austrian heritage but came up with dead ends everywhere I turned. Even though I could find our family name throughout the Tirol area of Austria, I could not understand the German script. Finally with much frustration I decided to find a genealogist that could help with the search. I contacted three or four.  Glen wrote back immediately. One person got back 2 weeks later and said he couldn’t even start the search until September. I felt very comfortable with Glen and within days he already came up with my family’s documents which he was able to translate for us. Glen has already found information that I have tried to find for years.  I look forward to the family tree growing by leaps and bounds with Glen’s invaluable help.” (Lynn Berreitter)

“After many years of searching, unsuccessfully, for information on my husband’s Polish/Austrian ancestors, I contacted Mr. Covert, hoping he could help.  From the beginning, Mr. Covert asked questions and presented thoughts that opened up new  ways of looking at old information.  Mr. Covert was careful to get enough information to determine that he could give us the help we needed. It was evident that he spent much time studying our information before he discussed any fees.  When with his help we discovered that there was still some research we could perform on our own, he, for a reasonable fee, gave us a detailed list of the documents we needed to search.  Within a very short time, we had great results.  As soon as we have obtained all the information available to us here in the States we will be further engaging Mr. Covert to continue our quest.  I truly believe that without Mr. Covert’s help we would still be hitting a brick wall.” (Karen Zemerick, Smithville, Missouri)

“I am most happy to highly recommend Glen Covert genealogist.  In his search into the my French Canadian roots his integrity, excellent research skills and timely reports all demonstrate his professional responsibility and manor.  He was a pleasure to work with and the quality of his work was much appreciated.” (Marie Rozan, Morristown, New Jersey, USA)

“While on a riverboat cruise on the Danube in October, my wife and I spent a wonderful afternoon with Glen in Vienna.  My parents emigrated from Vienna to the United States in 1938.  I had never visited Vienna, and as a gift my children had done substantial genealogical research on both of my parents.  They also had contacted Glen to do additional research on my parents’ history before leaving Vienna, and arranged for Glen to meet us at our dock and take us to some of the significant locations in my parents’ early lives.  We met Glen, on time, at the appointed rendezvous and spent a delightful six hours during which Glen took us to the “homes” where my mother was born, my grandparents had lived, and where my parents had lived.  We had a wonderful Viennese lunch together, toured places in Vienna we would never have seen on our own, and at the end of the day Glen treated us to a wonderful Vienna pastry and coffee at one of the city’s famous coffee shops. Glen also expedited our use of the Vienna public transport system….traveling by streetcar and subway.  After returning home to the United States, Glen sent us, the complete history, maps and photos, of the places we visited, and has offered to do more research on my parents’ lives in and before Vienna.  In addition to being a thorough professional, Glen was just plain fun to be with.  While walking many miles in Vienna, and enjoying the finest of Viennese food, we had many laughs, and discussions about may issues beyond just Vienna.  I cannot recommend anyone more highly if you are looking for genealogical work or advice on or a guide for Vienna.” (George and Nancy)

“Thank you for sending the results of the search at the Vienna War Archives for me.  They indeed did prove the family stories that my great grandfather was a soldier in the Austrian Army.  Though this genealogical request was somewhat straight forward you completed this search quickly and I obtained the information I wanted.  It was a bit difficult to find a Vienna based genealogist from here in the US, but I am glad I found your website.  I felt we were able to easily exchange information about the scope of the desired search and I was pleased your estimation of the time needed to complete the work was accurate.  I received electronic copies of the original documents and you provided clear and organized German transcriptions of the documents as well as English translations of the documents, which I requested.  I was pleased that you clearly and completely documented the source for the received materials.  I have worked with other European professional genealogists who I felt, at times, failed to completely document sources of information.  Finally, thank you for finding the Amazon book written about my great grandfather’s army unit’s participation in the German civil war of 1866.  I have ordered a copy.  Thank you for your assistance in helping document my family history.” (Richard Gebhart, Minnesota, USA)

“Glen has successfully gone back several hundred years in my family’s history providing invaluable information to share with generations to come. He is always professional, knowledgeable, and quick to answer any questions. I would highly recommend his services.” (Tara, of Bernardsville, New Jersey, USA)

“Glen is great to work with — he’s well-organized, detail-oriented, pleasant and someone who actually thinks about what he’s doing, rather than just doing. We’re happy with the results we get from Glen.” (Tiffany, of TDxMedia)

“You did a great job assisting me with genealogical research involving a northern New Jersey probate matter that I was responsible for.  You conducted the research in a very professional, thorough and timely manner.  Thank you again for the fine work you did for me.” (Michael, of ForensicGenealogist.Pro)

“It has been said in our family for a long time that we are related to a certain Civil War General. We engaged Glen to help us determine if it was true. We were so impressed with Glen’s work. He was thorough and accurate in every detail. Moreover, he brought his own enthusiasm for Civil War history to the project. I would certainly work with Glen Covert again.” (Stacey, of New Jersey, USA)

“When I decided to research my family from New Jersey, I contacted Glen.  I had very little information to provide about my family but Glen got to work right away.  He has been able to find relatives I knew little about and relatives I had no idea existed.  I am so very pleased with his work.  Glen has kept me up to date throughout the process.  I think he is as excited as I am when he finds someone new.  I can hardly wait to see what he finds next.  I know I made the correct choice in genealogists and I am very glad Glen took me on as a client.” (Judy from North Carolina, USA)

“Dear Glen, Thank you very much for the translation of my old document dated 1761 and written in the old German script.  I realise how difficult to translate it was and I appreciate the great effort you put into it. You handled it promptly and efficiently, particularly as I live so far away and my document needed careful handling.  If I ever needed further help I would not hesitate to get in touch with you again.  Many thanks.” (Hannah, Melbourne, Australia)