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Do you have an old family document you can’t read? Have a mysterious ancestor, a black sheep or tumble-weed relative that you yearn to know more about, or find out what came of them? Curious to look into your family’s tradition about being related to a Civil War general or descending from nobility or royalty? Wonder if your family had a coat-of-arms? Or none of the above, but wonder from whence you come, just don’t know where and how to start looking into your family’s genealogy? Let the expertise, experience, and creative mind of Glen W. Covert Professional Genealogist help you learn more about your ancestors and their times.

Glen W. Covert Professional Genealogist paves the way for establishing and enriching family cultural heritages through client-tailored, comprehensive genealogical research. Toward this end, Glen offers in depth research, information analysis and synthesis, and thorough and understandable reporting.

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